Blockchain Explorer

Quadrans Explorer is a search engine for looking up transactions that take place on Quadrans blockchain.


Network Status

Quadrans Status is a dashboard that shows the up-to-date state of Quadrans network, including public statistics about all active nodes.


Free Timestamping

Quadrans Foundation provides a timestamping tool that you can use for free to timestamp a document, prove its integrity and confirm your ownership using Quadrans blockchain.

For Developers

Testnet Faucet

Developers with a valid wallet and address can request up to 1 Quadrans Testnet Coin per day to execute smart contracts and perform transactions on the Quadrans Testnet.

For Developers

Quadrans on GitHub

Developers interested in building, developing, debugging, submitting a bug report or pull request, and contributing code to go-quadrans are welcomed to visit Quadrans on GitHub.