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What is Quadrans?

A customisable system

for any purpose

Quadrans is an open-source, public, decentralised blockchain infrastructure for Smart-Contracts and dApps, where individuals and enterprises can store and share any type of data (public or encrypted), validate business processes and optimise governance procedures.

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    Open source

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A system to promote data transparency

and operational stability

Quadrans Blockchain can be used to create a secure, public and transparent system that leverages on cryptography to manage information and data. Quadrans has been designed to overcome the issues related to the Coin instability. As a utility, Quadrans Coin provides financial stability to the operations and ensures enable reliable long-term plans.

Who we are

Quadrans Foundation

Established in April 2018, the Foundation was created to serve the interests of the community. Many experts from all over the world have joined the Foundation to dedicate to the constant improvement of Quadrans and educate the general public to the use of new decentralised data models.

The Foundation collaborates with institutions, government agencies and academic partners to enable the paradigm shift from centralised to decentralised systems.

Who we are

Quadrans Founders

Marco Vitale President & Founder National Blockchain Board Member of the Ministry of Economic Development, selected to elaborate the Blockchain National strategy in Italy.

Davide Costa Founder A serial entrepreneur, blockchain enthusiast and founder of Foodchain a company that is providing efficiency and transparency for the F&B industry.

Brunello Pianca Founder Asset Manager, Financial Advisor, Blockchain activist - investor and PM manager. Business Angel & venture capitalist. Talents coach.

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