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6th December 2019
Florence Blockchain Day
The Florence Blockchain Day, the event organised by Assocoin was the ideal opportunity to talk about the Quadrans blockchain. Marco Vitale, president of the Quadrans Foundation, spoke during the Technical Laboratory "Blockchain and distributed consensus" together with great experts in the field.
2nd December 2019
Pinta, the first dog registered in blockchain
The first dog has been registered in blockchain thanks to Quadrans technology. FAUNA.LIFE is the first project in the world designed to establish an independent registry based on blockchain. The project aims to bring the canine registry and the genealogical register into the blockchain era with significant benefits for animal welfare.
25th November 2019
Blockchain Ladies 2nd Birthday
“The Gender Gap in the blockchain industry: a road map towards gender equality”. Laura Cappello, lawyer, President of the Legal and Governance Board of the Quadrans Foundation and Scientific Director of The Blockchain Management School | Ateneo Impresa with Caterina Ferrara, Daria Alessi, and Tamara Belardi celebrating the second birthday of Blockchain Ladies.
23rd November 2019
TEDxLegnano 2019
The blockchain revolution is underway. How will it change our lives? Why is it difficult to understand this innovative technology and how does it force us to change our minds? These are the questions Marco Crotta, the blockchain expert of the Quadrans Foundation, tackled during his speech at TEDxLegnano.
22nd November 2019
Ateneo Impresa
How will the legal world and the role of the lawyer change with the blockchain? Marco Crotta, the blockchain expert of Quadrans and Laura Cappello, President of the Legal and Governance Board of Quadrans, discussed the issue at the Ateneo Impresa during the panel "Legal and fiscal regulation" - Master Lab in Blockchain Technology & Management.
7th November 2019
World Trade Center Lugano
The President of the Quadrans Foundation Marco Vitale together with Prof. Giacomo Poretti (SUPSI Department of Innovative Technologies), Avv. Nicolas Jacquemart (FINMA) and Avv. Lars Schlichting (Kellerhals Carrard) on the occasion of the 27th General Assembly dedicated to Blockchain with the aim of establishing a climate of trust between the various economic players in Ticino.
7th November 2019
Automation of the Sportello UnicoEdilizio (SUE) in the PA
Alessandria (TO). Our President Marco Vitale ended the conference with the announcement of the experimentation of the use of Quadrans technology within the software of Italedit for the management of practices in the context of the Sportello Unico Edilizio (SUE) of the Municipality of Alessandria.
29th October 2019
Blockchain Forum Italia 2019
Blockchain Forum Italia 2019 was the ideal opportunity to give our point of view on the incredible evolution that blockchain technology is undergoing. Marco Vitale, Chairman of the Quadrans Foundation, discussed public and private blockchain, the future of this technology and its applications in the business world.
27th September 2019
ReAgritech2019 Startup Competition The Final
In the light of the ideas presented and having found that those worthy of being awarded were more than those expected, the jury, including Marco Vitale, decided to award with Quadrans Tokens the following startups: Cooevo, Az. Agricola Molini e Pastifici, Ponics Designs and Solutions, Seedcoin, Smart Hazel.
21st September 2019
Heroes, Meet in Maratea 2019
The President of the Quadrans Foundation, Marco Vitale, was present at the most important event in Southern Italy, with over 2,000 participants and 200 speakers from around the world. Heroes, meet in Maratea is the innovation festival that takes place in Basilicata and involves the most inspired heroes of our time: business leaders, business angels and investors, creative people, policymakers, and the most interesting startups.