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Quadrans is inclusive

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Quadrans Foundation's goal is ambitious: we want to build a global, open, inclusive, public, decentralised and independent infrastructure. With 7 years of R&D, Quadrans supports projects to empower the community and is supported by contributors for the development of an open ecosystem.

The main focus of the Foundation is to develop Quadrans technology, support research and share blockchain knowledge around the world. We encourage you to support us in spreading awareness and adopt Quadrans blockchain as a transparent and efficient tool of communication, governance, and business.

Laura Cappello President of the legal & governance board Blockchain Lawyer & BlockchainCore President

Marco Vitale President & Founder National Blockchain Board Member of the Ministry of Economic Development, selected to elaborate the Blockchain National strategy in Italy.

Massimiliano Sala President of the crypto board Director of the Laboratory of Cryptography (CryptoLabTN)

A project began in 2012

has never stopped evolving

The development of the early version of Quadrans blockchain begun in 2012, first pioneered by Foodchain SpA for food traceability.

The experience gained from a variety of use cases and the collaboration with businesses, institutions, government agencies, and academic partners has enabled the evolution possible.

The Foundation combines the extensive expertise of its members with the significant research effort made to create Quadrans. We work to develop, improve and progress Quadrans technology day by day.

A sustainable technology

Can a blockchain be Sustainable?

Blockchains are often associated with high energy consumption. Quadrans multi-layer system enables users to operate in an energy-efficient environment. Quadrans protocol is designed to reduce the environmental impact by enabling an efficient use of the network resources and achieve consensus in a sustainable way.

A reliable blockchain
A reliable blockchain

Designed for everyone

Quadrans blockchain improves the structure and performance of businesses, institutions and public organisations. Quadrans infrastructure runs on two elements designed to serve as utilities – Quadrans Coin and Quadrans Token.

The creation and of new smart contracts require the use of Tokens and Coins. The amount varies according to the storage capacity and computing power required to execute them. Quadrans protocol is designed to encourage an ethical and efficient use of the system.

Quadrans Roadmap


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The improvements to the Quadrans platform are made thanks to the continuous work of the Foundation. Experts, researchers and academics from all over the world support Quadrans project by promoting and advancing Quadrans.

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