• April 11, 2019

Roberto Sabatini has joined the Quadrans Foundation


Roberto Sabatini is the General Manager at Caricom Africa Ltd & Caricom Ethiopia Manufacturing Plc; he also play a key role as advisor in many food firms such as A.Roma Coffee, Caricom Ethiopia Import and Export Plc, Caricom Uganda Ltd; Caricom Tanzania Ltd, Skyfood Ltd and Cerestar Eodd Bulgaria.

Furthermore, Roberto Sabatini is leading the iter of the Italian Ethiope Chamber of Commerce, which has now reached its final phase.

Thanks to Roberto Sabatini’s expertise and know how into the development field of low productivity rural areas, Caricom Africa is able to operate in a territory sizable on 130.000 hectares of agricultural land to improve the socio-economic cultural capacities of the local populations empowering the local production.

Respect for nature and organic production life-cycles are the key values upon which Caricom Africa designs its projects: the boundless spaces of the cultivated lands are organically integrated into the indigenous ecosystem. Nevertheless Caricom, counting on large surfaces of organic farming, is the largest African producer of organic products (about the triple of European production).

With the contribution of Roberto Sabatini the economic and productive conditions, in which Caricom Africa operates, are improving: respect for local traditions and natural ecosystem are the key features to lead a sustainable and successful business.

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