• March 1, 2019

Quadrans to serve Foodchain


Foodchain was founded in 2016 by a joint initiative between the engineering company Block S.r.l. and the software house Kaboom S.r.l.

The purpose of Foodchain is to integrate the most recent technologies to be able to trace the steps along food supply chains. Italy is one of the top tier producers of quality agricultural and alimentary products and the “Made in Italy” brand is a factor of excellence notorious to the whole world. Unfortunately due to the distinguished reputation, the world has seen frauds that certify fake products as “made in Italy’ becoming more and more frequent. Imitations and falsifications claim the real made in Italy benchmark, instead they are only similar to the Italian equivalent. They are made with lower quality despite their label resembling the “italian Sounding” that can make them look alike. As an example, a product such as fake parmesan cheese is far away from the authentic Parmigiano Reggiano. 

According to Coldiretti, the “Made in Italy” food fraud market is recording a turnover loss of €100 billion every year.  Other than unreliability of information, the problems caused by illegal and unethical procedures are a threat for the consumer health that might unknowingly buy fake or imitated products with possible health related risks. Foodchain’s mission is to protect both producers and consumers that “want to know what they are eating”.

Foodchain system is powered by Blockchain technology, an open, distributed ledger that can record information and track products in a verifiable and permanent as they move through the supply chain. Although initially used for financial purposes, blockchain can also be used by the industry to enable traceability and promote transparency of supply chains. 

The following is a successful use case where blockchain has been adopted by “Torrefazione San Domenico” for traceability of coffee through its supply chain. The coffee beans are grown and harvested in Guinea, West Africa, through small local cooperatives that guarantee the provenance and the quality of the raw product. 

A unique ID is assigned to each individual item and by scanning the item QR code, information is permanently recorded into blockchain, where it cannot be tampered with. This system enables the parties involved to track the coffee as it moves from origin towards its destination, by creating a documented and verifiable journey along the entire supply chain, from West Africa to Italy Once arrived at the roasting warehouse in Turin, information about processing and distribution is added to the “journey”. All the steps recorded on blockchain are protected from any attempt to alter with fake information. This ensures transparency and accountability along the supply chain.

Every pack of San Domenico coffee that is sold shows a QR code that allows consumers to be confident about the coffee they are purchasing, its origin, and how it’s processed. In short, from the coffee beans to the cup.

Foodchain uses a public and open blockchain to ensure greater protection of information, as everyone is allowed to read and verify data recorded. Thanks to the data gathered along the chain, producers and transporters can monitor processes and take immediate corrective action on potential inefficiencies.

Foodchain has developed several partnerships along the past years: since 2016 participates to Techninnovation, a premier technology-industry event organized every year in Singapore and has established business relationships with Government agencies throughout South East asia. Together with the partner pOsti, Foodchain has certified the first blockchain-certified recipe “panzanella” created by the renowned italian chef Antonello Colonna.

Other than the headquarters in Turin and at the innovation hub “ComoNext” in Como, Foodchain has established its presence at the “Impact Hub” in Trento, as the winner of the call for tenders “Seed Money” promoted by regional fund Trentino Sviluppo. Aligned with its ethos of providing the community with a public and open technology, in 2018 Foodchain has chosen to donate its know-how developed over the past years to a non-profit organization – Quadrans Foundation.

The purpose of the foundation is to support technological innovation and the continuous development of Quadrans blockchain technology, promoting the use of the public blockchain throughout the industry as enabler and essential element to ensure traceability, efficiency of processes, reliability and transparency along supply chains.

Via alla Torre n.2, 6850 Mendrisio – Switzerland | CHE 432.155.979 | e-mail: fondazione@quadrans.io