• May 2, 2019

Paolo Benanti has joined the Quadrans Foundation


Franciscan Friar of Third Regular Order, Paolo Benanti focuses on ethics, bio-ethics and ethics of the technologies. In particular, his studies are targeted to innovation management: Internet & the impact of Digital Age, Biotechnologies to human improvement and biosecurity, neuro-sciences and neuro-technologies. He joined Quadrans Foundation to deep dive the emerging Blockchain technologies, its impact on human being and its integration with other fast-growing tech-sector. He is steering to shape the new ethical and anthropological meaning of the Homo sapiens: a species that dominated and shaped the earth during the past 70’000 years, turning human being into techno-human condition.

Via alla Torre n.2, 6850 Mendrisio – Switzerland | CHE 432.155.979 | e-mail: fondazione@quadrans.io