• April 17, 2019

Aldo Lo Castro has joined the Quadrans Foundation


Aldo Peter Lo Castro is Partner & CTO of Scytale S.r.l., a company spawned from of AliasLab S.p.A. with the aim of being a center of competence on Blockchain / Distributer Ledger Technologies and advanced cryptography. Aldo is also Head of Research & Development at Aliaslab S.p.A. and Director of AliasLab UK Ltd.

He is a broad-based or multidisciplinary technologist, with an eye set on the future, and the other well focused on real field implementations.

Thanks to his experience in AliasLab, Aldo has led some of the most relevant e-Signing projects in the last 7 years, mainly in Italy, becoming one the leading experts in this field. He is one of the main contributors to the IDSign e-Signature platform, one the first Qualified Signature Creation Devices certified at European Level, under the eIDAS regulation.

Since 2015 Aldo has been actively involved in several blockchain / DLT projects. Thanks to this experience, SignChain – An Advanced Blockchain Electronic Signature Solution – was devised, and launched in October 2016. The development of the SignChain platform has led Aldo to file a request for an Italian, and then European patent, related to saving signature transactions on blockchain & DLTs. From inside both Aliaslab and Scytale Aldo has continued to broaden his horizons with respect to Blockchain & DLTs in areas such as digital identity, KYC, “notarization”, and crypto asset custody.

Aldo is part of the European standards working group CEN/TC 224/WG 17 – Protection Profiles in the context of SSCD, and is a member of the ISO TC 307 – Blockchain & Distributed Ledger Technologies technical committee. Within the ISO committee Aldo has been focusing on two main work streams “WG2 – Security, privacy and identity”, and “SG7 – Interoperability of blockchain and distributed ledger technology systems”. Within WG2 Aldo is co-editor of a Technical Report on “Security of Digital Asset Custodians”. Aldo is now also a member of the group of experts selected by the Italian ministry for economic development, with the aim of drafting the national strategy on Blokchain & Distributed Ledger technlogies.

Via alla Torre n.2, 6850 Mendrisio – Switzerland | CHE 432.155.979 | e-mail: fondazione@quadrans.io