Quadrans’ new distributed consensus protocol will significantly increase the system’s capacity to achieve high scalability in a secure way and will reduce the power consumption required to perform heavy computational work, branding Quadrans a sustainable blockchain.

Quadrans ecosystem has been designed to minimize the volatility of the Coin and solve the problems related to the fluctuation of its value. The stable characteristic of the Coin will support the formation of a secure digital environment that enables users to draft reliable future financial plans.

Quadrans blockchain technology can be used to create a permanent, public, transparent ledger system for information and data management. The Foundation encourages enterprises from every sector to adopt and place Quadrans platform at the core of their business structure to achieve growth and economic progress.



The Foundation has committed to build a solid and secure platform that rewards the community according to an internal incentive distribution system, as the word community is most meaningful when all participants are actively engaged.

Quadrans reward mechanism is designed to allow Token holders, Masternodes and Miners to be rewarded for their service to the network.

Token holders are rewarded with a fraction of Coin proportional to the Tokens owned every time that new Coins are mined. (details will be outlined in White Paper).

Quadrans network is open and public and anyone will be able to upload new smart contracts into the system.

The Foundation encourages everyone to join the network and provides guidance and full support to ensure a correct interaction with the system. Some of the incentives proposed by the Foundation include concession fees for smart contracts upload and funding activities for projects of high interest for the community.

In order to ensure the correct functioning of Quadrans digital economy, the Foundation will be in charge of an appropriate number of Tokens which will be distributed throughout the network to promote Quadrans ecosystem.


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